AWS EC2 Launch Instance(Elastic Compute Cloud).

AWS EC2 enables users to create, edit, and manage an instance (virtual machine) on AWS.

Follow these steps AWS Console→EC2->EC2 Dashboard.

Note: Firstly you need to create an AWS account.

You will see many functions. You can use multiple services on AWS very easily.

You can create multiple instances in EC2. For efficient use of AWS EC2, you can use Stop instance, Start instance, Reboot instance, Hibernate instance, Terminate instance options in Instances→Instance State.

Launching an instance (virtual machine) in AWS EC2.

Creating an instance on AWS is quite simple. You can create it using the following steps.

1-Open the AWS Management Console and select the EC2 service.

2-In the EC2 dashboard, click Instances and select Launch Instances.

3-Fill in the Name field and leave the Instance Type i t2.micro.

4-If there is no key that we created previously, we first create a new key by selecting Create new key pair. Select the key pair we created

5-Select the Launch instance

And completed the process.



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